Saturday, February 14, 2015

Whiplash !!

Hey Ho!!

Most of us watch movies as they come, but sometime around Jan, when the Oscar nominees are out, some of us create that list of "Movies to Watch"based on the nominees selected by the Academy.

One movie on that list and the topic of my review today is "Whiplash".

I would describe the movie as excruciatingly intense. From the first shot till the last, the movie had its hooks in me. Starring  Miles Teller and JK Simmons, the movie is about student teacher relationships, in the setting of a music school, where Miles plays a jazz drummer. JK Simmons plays a badass teacher/conductor who doesnt know what decorum or acceptable behaviour is in his bid to demand the absolute best from his class. Combined with Miles dream to be one of the greats, our two lead characters form a bond, if not always a happy one. I will not say anything more about the plotline and how the story pans out.

This is one of those movies where both the director and the actors contribute to making the movie an experience. There is no trough, no low point and no time for introspection given, till after the movie is over. It cranks up the stakes in the very first scene and keeps you there till the very last scene. Such is the pace. In my opinion, Whiplash is the prime runner for the Best Movie and a no-brainer for the Best Supporting Actor categories in this year's Oscars. Though, I would not call this movie one of the greats, and a no for repeat watching, I would definitely recommend that you catch this one.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lights Out

I am not a fan of  the horror/gore genre of films. In fact, I haven't seen one for a very long time. But, I came across this one and thought it was worth a share on my blog. Hope you like it. !!

The Best and The Worst

The Best Things in Life:

1) sleep
2) reading a good book
3) gooood food!!
4) riding your bike aimlessly around town
5) music that makes you forget the time
6) a hot cup of black coffee
7) sitting on my balcony with my feet up and nothing to do

The Worst Things in Life:

1) sleep (yes, I hate going to sleep more than waking up)
2) confronting people I'd rather not talk to
3) having to say things, that I don't mean, to people, in order to meet some end that I must do (but don't want to do
4) uncertainty

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home Alone

There's a joy less spoken of in living alone. A so often forsaken peace and forgotten liberation in being master of your own. Yet, there is as much disquiet as much there is quiet. As much joy and as much the bite of harsh reality of being alone and no one to fall back on in moments of boredom.

For the first time in seven years, and to be honest, in my entire life, living alone - here in Pune. Your only friend is you, when you come home from work. The only opinion that matters is yours. You say what movie to play and when the lights go off. Small things. matter. a. lot. There is nothing particularly against living with a roommate, yet, I realized that I have never tested myself. Being a student, you rarely have much choice, and in those times, it is better that way. But times change and they will keep changing. This may be the only time to be alone, to be cut off, and think. Thinking is invigorating. Reading is liberating, and together, both make life worth living.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life at a New Headquarters

           Since my last post, I have rejoined the corporate world. At a new base in a new avatar and a totally different challenge. Any resemblance to previous job is totally incidental whatsoever. All for the better!! Key takeaways after 2 weeks:

1) The HR has much more important tasks to attend to. Do not rely on them to spoon-feed you.
2) How quickly you adapt, learn and fit in is entirely up to your own attitude.
3) You might come across many cribbers and walking-non-stop-talking compliant boxes. Maintain your distance or at the very least, do not get sucked in.
4) You were brought in to add value. Not to be placed on a pedestal and worshiped. Prove your merit before you demand the same of others.
5) and Most important: at the very least, get along. Observe and understand first. Revolutionary Change may take time.

Everything is possible. Start with attitude and approach. Kirk out. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Champions League Semi Finals 2013

I will have to reject the notion that German football league is now officially the best in Europe.
I feel that the recent drubbing Real Madrid and Barcelona received from German clubs was more due to the poor quality of their performances during their match. Bayern Munich is right now at the top in European football and Dortmund close, yet the rest of Germany is far behind. English and Spanish football leagues one the other hand are extremely competitive down to 6th and 7th position atleast. And the top teams in these 2 leagues have disappointed in the Champions League but Germany cannot be considered the best league in 2 seasons and due to the consistency of just one club in Europe.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Joey's Hand Song

If you love FRIENDS and you love Joey, you must definitely remember Joey's hand song from episode 23 of Season 5

"This hand is your hand;
This hand is my hand;
Oh wait, that's your hand;
No wait, it's my hand."