Monday, March 11, 2013

#1Books are.....

" An good book is like a tattoo. "
                                           - Me
A book is a collection of ideas that make some coherent sense, created by the imagination of an individual who has experienced a life that draws inspiration from a pool that you may or may not have ever laid eyes upon. For me, the more contrasting a point of view / an idea / the story from what I can relate to in my daily ordinary life, the longer it stays with me. I may not agree with the opinions, but they get seared into my conscience and I feel myself pondering (could also be daydreaming) longer upon them. Who wants to read a book that is exactly about what you do all day or on a regular basis? 
                       Perhaps, this may be the reason I am drawn more to fiction and the fantasy genre in particular. They stay with me longer and the more contrasting their ideas, the more difficult to shake off their aura. The Castle, Catch 22, My Name is Red, LOTR are some of those. Comparatively, The Sidney Sheldons and the Ludlums are slowly fading. 
                       Over time, I have become more choosy with what I read. I rely heavily on the reviews or opinions of the Internet Junta now, compared to a decade ago, when I would read through hieroglyphics if I couldn't get anything else. As inspiring a good book can be, a book can also turn to bile .. if you are not careful. 

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