Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life at a New Headquarters

           Since my last post, I have rejoined the corporate world. At a new base in a new avatar and a totally different challenge. Any resemblance to previous job is totally incidental whatsoever. All for the better!! Key takeaways after 2 weeks:

1) The HR has much more important tasks to attend to. Do not rely on them to spoon-feed you.
2) How quickly you adapt, learn and fit in is entirely up to your own attitude.
3) You might come across many cribbers and walking-non-stop-talking compliant boxes. Maintain your distance or at the very least, do not get sucked in.
4) You were brought in to add value. Not to be placed on a pedestal and worshiped. Prove your merit before you demand the same of others.
5) and Most important: at the very least, get along. Observe and understand first. Revolutionary Change may take time.

Everything is possible. Start with attitude and approach. Kirk out. 

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