Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home Alone

There's a joy less spoken of in living alone. A so often forsaken peace and forgotten liberation in being master of your own. Yet, there is as much disquiet as much there is quiet. As much joy and as much the bite of harsh reality of being alone and no one to fall back on in moments of boredom.

For the first time in seven years, and to be honest, in my entire life, living alone - here in Pune. Your only friend is you, when you come home from work. The only opinion that matters is yours. You say what movie to play and when the lights go off. Small things. matter. a. lot. There is nothing particularly against living with a roommate, yet, I realized that I have never tested myself. Being a student, you rarely have much choice, and in those times, it is better that way. But times change and they will keep changing. This may be the only time to be alone, to be cut off, and think. Thinking is invigorating. Reading is liberating, and together, both make life worth living.

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