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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inheritance Cycle Completed : A Review


I read the first two books of the series quite a long time back and Eragon and Eldest can never aspire to touch what Tolkien created. Yet, that hasn't stopped Paolini from having his own devoted followers and finishing off the rest of the series. Though, the books were most un-extraordinaire, an unfinished book (or series) is like a bad itch. So..... I completed the Inheritance cycle. 
Even though I still feel that his work is not completely original and takes a lot from Middle Earth (like the Harry Potter series), Brisingr and Inheritance have mostly been better fare compared to the previous two books. The book traces almost a similar line as the Harry Potter series and mostly, only differs in the props. Murtagh and Snape, Arya and Hermione, Horcruxes and Eldunari. You can see what I mean, the similarities between these characters is not that difficult to spot. Yet, everyone loves a story about a hero fighting for freedom and victory defeating an evil tyrant more powerful than our hero himself and so do I. 
I could not at times, decide whether I wanted Eragon to triumph or wanted the book to end  a bland taste in my mouth. And the ending was most disappointing in the way Eragon has to leave Alagaesia, never to return. 'Tis almost equivalent to killing off our hero. Yet, this is Paolini's story to tell. And not mine to praise.