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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

League of Childhood Heroes: Disney buys Star Wars

So  this morning I woke up to the big news that Disney purchased LucasFilms in a $ 4 billion deal. Lucas Films is known for creating some of the biggest characters in movies and more importantly in children's imaginations all over the world like Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, Skywalkers, Obi-Wan Kenobi. In fact, Star Wars was the first to combine action and sci-fi together and made being a "geek" cool.
          George Lucas, the owner of Lucas Films and creator of these characters, had at one point said that he had originally stated that he had envisioned Star Wars as a 9 episode movie series. However, the last movie , the sixth, came out in 2005 and had left Star Wars fans wanting for more. However, any such initiative was nowhere in sight. Along with the acquisition, Disney immediately announced that the next movie in the series will come out in 2015 and will have Mr. Lucas acting as a consultant.
          This news has received mixed reception from fans of the Star Wars series. Most of them have been positive believing that they will now get to see more of their favorite characters onscreen and sooner. However, some have pointed out concerns that Disney's other characters share not many similarities with the Star Wars genre and Disney could possibly mismanage the franchise. My opinion is that some initiative is better than none at all. I want to see more of Vader and Siths and Jedis and wants to believe that Disney will do a good job.
          Twitter, of course, was flooded with messages from fans discussing the implications of these deals and some of the witty ones do seem to have a point. Some of the highlights:

  • Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse are cousins
  • Leia is now a Disney princess
  • Disney now owns 50% of our childhood imagination
  • Star Wars theme parks (yay!!)
  • Star Wars is worth 4 Instagram .
    • Regarding the last point, sure it seems like Lucas Films is worth 4 Instagrams. However, there is no doubt that Star Wars and Indiana Jones is worth much more to fans all over the world.  Disney, being the pioneers in developing imagination and childhood memories, would of course see the value.